I had a very massive breakthrough in Dullstroom regarding physical conditioning. Never in my life have I ever imagined myself being someone who would enjoy any type of exercise. Before Dullies the furthest that I have ridden on my bicycle was 11km. On the first day riding in Dullies I rode 36km and there were A LOT of uphills! That was not only a physical breakthrough point for me but also mentally. I in fact even enjoyed it, and I didn’t even feel like I was suffering the entire time. 


On the spiritual side of the Dullstroom trip, I really received great revelation on bowing to the stuff of the world. The phrase that still sticks with me is when Ps. John said: “if you bow once, you will bow again.” That was a powerful statement for me to hear and I have been really focused on seeing where I have bowed to the world and where there are areas in which I should break the cycle to not continue bowing to those things.

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