I actually found it very interesting with the fasting. There are days when I sometimes forget to eat and then at about 1 in the afternoon I realize, oh wait, I am actually hungry. So what was strange is the fact that when we were fasting, I would wake up hungry, and after every fruit that I ate it would feel like I am just getting more hungry. That was a bit of a challenging moment. Ps. Sharon made a statement that fasting without prayer is just a diet, and that really had an impact on me to not just keep from eating but I should really be in the Word and with God during the fasting weekend. 


I really do have a big expectation for the upcoming fasting weekends because I learned so much about what fasting can accomplish if you are doing it with a pure heart and for the right reasons. I am fully expectant that there will be a lot of breakthroughs personally and corporately because of our fasting weekends. 

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