A big rock moment that I am still daily keeping at the back of my mind and also constantly meditating on is when I received what was for me a massive revelation that I received while being on the Footsteps To Destiny 2022 Tour. A lot of beautiful Baobab trees surrounded us and they were obviously a part of our conversations. On our first night, we were sitting around the campfire underneath this massive, beautiful, and old baobab tree. Hein was the one who then mentioned that the Baobab is actually called the “upside down” tree because the roots of the tree look similar to the branches of the tree. I was meditating in my tent later that night and I realized that a Baobab tree could be the representation of my life. The words that I put into my heart and then take root in my heart are what would eventually come out of my mouth, so what my life looks like on the outside is determined by what the roots in my heart look like. I went home and told my mother about this revelation that I’d gotten, and then her fiancé mentioned something that blew my mind even further! He showed me images of the little branches on the Baobab tree, and also images of the veins that we humans have inside our hearts, and the two looked so similar to each other. This has definitely been a big rock moment for me because whenever I speak something over myself or allow something to be sowed into my heart I picture a Baobab tree and in my mind imagine what I would want my branches to look like.

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