MiTestimony Of MiXercise!


I was not a person who enjoyed exercise at all!

When I was a teenager I did horse riding as a sport, and it was my absolute passion! Other than that, there wasn’t any chance of anybody seeing me do something that involved exercise!

When I was in High School we lived about 300 meters from the gate of the school, but there was absolutely no way that you would have found me walking to school! Especially not when having to carry that bag as well! NO! My dad dropped me off and I made sure to always have a lift home. When I was blessed with my car, I drove myself to school and back.

I realize today that that makes me sound like a total brat, but I thank God for giving me revelation in so many areas of my life! Just even the revelation to see how stubborn I was at that stage of my life!

During the first week of MiXchange Pastor, John introduced us to a professional trainer, and he made a statement that we are going to be getting fit, and not just that – he was talking about all sorts of marathons and stuff!

I couldn’t see for myself how big my eyes must have been, but I can only imagine how they must have looked!

I remember at one point even asking if it is possible that one could die trying to do this exercise thing.

When I finally got over the part where I was being so dramatic, I decided it was time to put my flesh under and give this thing a go!

On my first morning at conditioning, I think I jogged less than 100 meters and I felt like I was already going to puke!

Nevertheless, I did not give up, and even though it got tuff to fight against my body saying no the entire time – I just kept attending conditioning in the mornings.

Skip only one and a half months later and I was doing the 5km Spur race with the Slipstream Sports club!  I was surprised at how quickly I could get my body into a state of being able to do 5km. Two months before the race the most exercise that I have been doing was probably walking to the kitchen and back.

Then there is the bicycle part. I cannot even remember when was the last time that I got on a bike before this year! I wasn’t even sure if I still knew how to ride a bicycle!

The first time I got back on the bike was at a Sunday afternoon crit! I did only two lapses and when I got off that bike, I was done! I am above grateful for the Blood-bought family that I met during this period of exchanging my life for God, they kept on cheering me on and keeping me motivated! By the time the next crit came, I did a total of six lapses without stopping to take a break!

Skip to another month later after that experience, and we were on our way to Dullstroom!

Till today I sometimes find it hard to believe, but I finished riding 36km in one sitting!

I can just say how abundantly God has blessed me, I would have never been able to do this without Him, and without receiving the revelation that God wants us to be prosperous in our bodies as well!

My exercise journey is far from over and I am finally excited about the conditioning. That is one thing that I never knew I would ever say! But here I am, and how grateful am I to be here!